Becoming a JIAS Provider

Would you be interested in knowing more about becoming a Johansen IAS Provider? Do you have a professional qualification such as Teaching, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, Behavioural Optometry, Nursing, or do you have considerable experience of working with children in an educational or clinical setting?

Maybe you work with children or adults with specific learning difficulties or differences? Maybe you see children who struggle to listen in class or ‘zone out’ in conversations involving several people, but seem to manage much better in a one-to-one setting? Maybe you are aware of children or adults who struggle to follow instructions of more than one item at a time? Maybe you see children who struggle to listen and follow what’s being said when there is background noise.

If these situations ring bells despite good teaching and/ or specialist input and you would like to learn how you might be able to help further, JIAS may be of interest to you. Training to become a JIAS Provider involves some distance learning followed by a two day taught course, after which you will be qualified to Register as a JIAS Provider, assess your clients, plan a programme for them and order the specialist Johansen IAS music that is tailored to their needs. You will be supported in your work and attend updates to develop your skills and confidence.

The abundance of available research shows that music and language have many shared features, both in terms of how they are processed in the brain and characteristics such as rhythm, pitch and emotional impact. The use of music as an aid in the management of processing difficulties experienced by many children and adults is underpinned by many studies around the world.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact Cathy Shilling.

Contacting Johansen IAS:

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