Johansen Alpha and Johansen Beta
Johansen Alpha and Johansen Beta

Johansen Alpha and Johansen Beta

Johansen Alpha and Johansen Beta are Entry Level programmes of the Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation programme.

These programmes are designed for use with groups of students in Primary and Secondary Schools and centres.

Johansen Alpha is suitable for young (aged 4 to 8) or developmentally immature children while Johansen Beta is suitable for older students.

Johansen Alpha and Beta programmes can be delivered in school following training and an on-going monitoring plan from a Registered Johansen IAS Provider. It is a simple and enjoyable programme to enhance listening skills and support settled behaviour and readiness for learning and the group design makes it a cost effective intervention.

Many children entering school do not have the neurological or developmental maturity to sit, listen and learn in the classroom. They may be unsettled as they start to cope with the complex experience of school. This in turn may affect their ability to engage with new friendships and formal learning.

One reason for the above is the presence of Auditory Processing Difficulties. Auditory Processing is the medical term for listening and interpreting what we hear. When this is difficult it can adversely affect the development of attention, memory, understanding and use of spoken and written language and coping with background noise. There are many factors before, during and after birth that may adversely affect the development of mature listening skills.

The human brain is designed to change itself as a function of experience. This ‘plasticity’ may be positive in response to training of the optimum quality and amount or negative in response to deprivation e.g. in persistent Glue Ear.

Musical Auditory Stimulation Programmes such as Johansen Alpha and Johansen Beta provide a ‘Second Chance’ to receive adequate, consistent, specific, auditory stimuli so that listening becomes easier. Consistent and organised processing releases attention for associated and higher level skills.

“Her ability to comprehend the spoken word has come on in leaps and bounds and with it has come increased confidence.”
“Every visit I could see the improvement in Murray. More importantly, so could he.”
“He now seemed able to copy my corrections of his mispronunciations accurately and without the frustration previously displayed.”
“After a year and a bit I really feel that A. has gained a great deal from the Johansen Sound Therapy.”

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